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In my garden, there are several fountains, birdbaths and bird feeders each carefully selected to attract a variety of birds. Sometimes when I am in the garden beds all I hear is a loud "brmmm" and before I know it a hummingbird has flown by to visit a fountain. 

Some hummingbird species are considered the smallest birds in the world, but even the largest of them is still rather small when compared to other birds. However, each and every hummingbird has a rather small body with a very long beak made to extract nectar from flowers.  Hummingbird wings are relatively long and tapered and sit close to their bodies. They are able to rotate and tilt those wings with amazing speed, making them capable of flying forward, backward, sideways and moreover able to hover in place, sort of like a helicopter. 

There are a variety of different bird feeders on the market to attract these small birds to your backyard. You can even buy the feeder solution, but I recommend making your own mix. Red food coloring is used in many of the store-bought varieties and food coloring is not good for the birds. Instead, try making your own nectar mix.

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