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Today I am sharing some floral design photos from a trip to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is about 4 hours depending on traffic from Orange County and I love driving there now and then to just wonder through the casinos and see how each hotel has tried to out do the other with lavish decor. The floral design at the Wynn is spectacular, with it's bold geometric floor design and colorful floral balls. 


We stayed at the Wynn hotel and usually there are tons of people milling around. In order to get this shot without a crowd, I headed to the hotel lobby at the crack of down. Just at the time when the most die hard gamblers have finally turned in and the tourists are still catching z's. 


Off to one side is this garden wonderland that has these huge floral balls hanging from trees. The pure scale of these arrangements were quiet a sight to see.  


The Wynn hotel has beautiful large rooms with wall to wall windows that give you a breath taking view of the city. But What I like best about this hotel is that natural day light is allowed to filter in. Many of the other hotels feel like you are entering a dark dungeon. At the Wynn, as the morning sun rises over this desert oasis, you can track the rays in this artificially created green wonderland over a cup of great coffee and plan the days activities. Ahh, I am thinking I should head back there - so much fun!

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