When Plastic becomes a Fashion Statement

Hot drinks in a plastic cup are disasters waiting to happen, but these Expresso cups give you just the right grip to avoid a nasty spill.  Made by Revol.

Who would have guessed that a plastic bottle could actually look good? These glass bottles made by Seletti are definitely better for the environment than plastic that does not disintegrate. Don't you think?

I am looking at chipped China in a whole different way now! Germans say broken glass brings good fortune. Well the owners of these Rosenthal "Phases" collection, hit the jackpot.

Who could resist these?

Day to Day Esquisses makes these lovely runners with old style porcelain designs. What do you think of these? I find these pretty cool myself. Giving old stuff a new life - not bad! Oh, these can be found at Grain de Couleur Creation.

All these goodies where spotted at Essen und Trinken.

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