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If you are as crazy about chocolate as I am you might have probably at one point or another seen these crazy looking chocolate fountains that seem to have an unlimited amount of chocolate pouring down their sides.  When I see those, I become like a little kid and I just wish I could put my tongue under that stream of gooey, silky, smooth deliciousness and just like a total glutton slurp away! 

Ok, it's official now, you know about my deep desires and know that it has taken every ounce of self control not to just run over and dip at least my finger under those chocolate fountains. 

Sephra has endeavored to create the highest quality and best performing chocolate fountains in the world. Our designs and innovations have been crafted and refined by the world's leading caterers, rental companies and restaurants. Great attention to the smallest of details ensures your Sephra chocolate fountain will reliably serve you will for many years to come.

The chocolate fountain is the ultimate accessory for every fondue lover and home entertainer. Sephra Chocolate Fountains are recognized the world over as being the highest quality chocolate fountain available, bringing all the wonderful elements of fun, excitement and laughter to your family gathering or social event. 

The chocolate fountain is sometimes referred to as a chocolate fondue fountain, because it can be very versatile in offering guests a wide variety of fondues other than chocolate. Of course there are all the varieties of chocolate which can be used such as Sephra Dark, Milk and White chocolate which are fabulously rich and delicious. But did you know that the Sephra Chocolate Fountain can also run other fondue foods such as cheese, caramel, Sephra fruit puree, barbecue sauce, all types of syrup for a breakfast buffet and even ranch dressing for the vegetable dip for the evening?The possibilities are endless! 

I don't have one of these chocolate fountains yet, but I think they would be such fun to set up during a party. Kids parties, wedding parties, get together with friends, I can see these fountains turning into a favorite hang out spot at any gathering. Let's face it, who doesn't like melted lusciousness?  I also really like that the unit can be used for cheese fondues as well, which makes the unit more versatile. With my birthday coming up, I am wondering if I should add it on my wish list. :)

The company is located in beautiful sunny San Diego, California, right next door to me. Sephra is the leading chocolate fountain manufacturer in the world. Their chocolate and fondue fountains are known by food service professionals around the world for their superior quality, features, and unmatched customer support. Watch the video and learn why these fountains are so desirable for chefs and chocolate lovers alike. 

Sephra began as a family owned business and was founded on the principles that product quality is imperative, and customer service and satisfaction are always top priority. These principles continue to guide Sephra's business practices today.

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I would love to know if you have one of these fountains and how much you like it? If you have a favorite recipe share it here as well. 

Find Sephra Here * Website * Facebook * Twitter @SephraChocolate * Pinterest * Youtube * Instagram

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