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This recipe is for my son who is away at a University and tackling how to cook! I had a real good laugh when I saw his photo and thought I need to come to his aid!


Ground Beef
1/2 half onion chopped
1 garlic clove (optional) Substitute: garlic powder
turmeric (optional)Substitutes: paprika powder
2 tbsp olive oil

Making Meat Balls


1. Mix all ingredients thoroughly and form little balls.
2. In a pan heat up some olive oil and carefully place meatballs in pan.
3. Let them turn slightly brown on one side (note color will change from pink to brown) then carefully turn meatballs over and let brown on other side.
4. Once they are uniformly cooked you can add either a sauce directly to the pan or remove meat balls and add them to whatever dish you have cooking.

Meat Balls

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