Lazy Susans

Turnadaisy Pro 24 inch Recycled lazy susan style display or work turntable for Bonsai Artists and countless other uses
Via Turnadaisy

When serving Pizza or Taco night , I usually drag out my Lazy Susan. I love it because with a quick turn everyone at the table can reach the toppings they like. Mine is similar to the one from Sur La Table, but Turnadaisy has come up with much more attractive looking Lazy Susan designs.

Wine Barrel Lazy Susan
Via Sur La Table

Turnadaisy Butler Extra Large Recycled Lazy Susan
Via Turnadaisy

Turnadaisy Original Extra Large Recycled Lazy Susan
Via Turnadaisy

Turnadaisy is a rotating table company, which uses recycled materials with a dizzying array of sizes and styles. I think it's even possible to place custom orders through them.

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