Couscous with vegetables

I love to feature a guest blogger and am happy to introduce Felicia Mcclinton who writes for Mediterranean  recipes . Her personal hobby blog focuses on cooking tips and sharing healthy Mediterranean cuisine to prevent diseases.

For the recipe, you need the following

Couscous -- 300 grams
Ripe tomatoes -- 4 pcs.
Zucchini -- 1 cubed
Carrots -- 2 pcs.
Green olives -- 100 grams
Green pepper -- 1 pc.
Olive oil -- 5 tablespoons

Couscous Detail

You can add nuts to your couscous as well.


Thoroughly wash the vegetables and cut into small pieces. Place them in a large bowl then add the corn and grated carrot. Put salt and oil to season.

Boil one quart of salted water mixed with one tablespoon of oil. Pour the couscous into the boiling mixture and stir continuously until the water has been absorbed. Let the couscous to cool a bit by stirring. Mix the couscous in the vegetables and stir thoroughly. Season the preparation with lemon juice.

Couscous plated

This recipe is good for 4 servings and can be prepared in 40 minutes. It is an Arab recipe and popular in North Africa. Couscous is composed of bran and grains and you can cook it by steaming.

The Midday Meal

Nutritional Value:

Food Gr Kcal Fat Carb Pro Fib Water
Cooked couscous 300 336 0.48 69.66 11.37 4.2 217.71
Ripe tomatoes 150 27 0.3 5.88 1.32 1.8 141.75
Canned sweet corn 150 183 1.5 3 3 0 105
Carrots 100 41 0.24 9.58 0.93 2.8 88.29
Green olives 100 145 15.32 3.84 1.03 3.3 75.28
Green peppers 100 20 0.17 4.64 0.86 1.7 93.89
Olive oil 50 442 50 0 0 0 0
Total 950 1194 68.01 96.6 18.51 13.8 721.92
A head (4) 237.5 298.5 17 24.15 4.63 3.45 180.48
Per 100 grams 100 125.68 7.16 10.17 1.95 1.45 75.99

Here is a video how to cook Couscous

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