Blue Bottle Coffee Co

Blue Bottle Coffee Co

My daughter and her friend invited us to try the coffee at the Blue Bottle Coffee Co in San Fransisco. I liked the atmosphere and the extra care that went into preparing everyone's cup of coffee.

Blue Bottle Coffee House

Only the best certified organic coffee beans are roasted. Then the coffee beans exhale CO2 for several hours. Instead of keeping beans in bins, they are mixed and bagged within 4 hours of roasting to harness the CO2 to keep oxygen (and, hence, oxidation) out of the bags.

I ordered the Cappuccino and loved the thick texture! While waiting aI asked if I could shoot some photos. Naturally we also came home with a bag of beans as well ~

Their mantra reads:

A cup of coffee shared with a friend

Is happiness tasted and time well spent.

Latte at Blue Bottle Coffee Co, originally uploaded by lisamaekornze.

Latte at Blue Bottle Coffee Co

Afternoon coffee at Blue Bottle Coffee Co, Linden St, SF

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