Advantages of Electric Kettles

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Electric kettles have many advantages and are great when entertaining friends and family. Many sizes, shapes, and colors are available to fit the decor and color scheme of your kitchen. But best of all are the many advantages an electric kettle has over conventional stovetop kettles.  


Fast Boiling Point

I have noticed that an electric kettle brings water to a boil in about half the time it takes to boil water on a stove top the traditional way ( ca 3-4 minuted compared to 8-10 minutes depending on how much water is being boiled. The higher the electric current is on the heating unit base of the kettle the faster heat energy is created.

Electricity Usage

A quick online search found that:

"The average kettle holds 1.5 pints and uses about one unit of electricity to boil 12 pints of water (or 8 x 1.5 pint-full kettles) – so that's around 2.5p every time you boil a full kettle. The average slow cooker uses about one unit of electricity or 20p to power eight hours of cooking – that's roughly 2.5p per hour."

In order to conserve energy, it is recommended to boil only as much water as is needed.  You can reuse the water in the kettle, but that depends on the water quality in your area. Places with hard water might deposit minerals in your kettle. Water that goes unused in my electric kettle is usually given to the plants one the water has cooled down.

Electric Kettle for Tea

Your Tea Will Taste Better

The longer it takes for water the boil, the more it loses its flavor. The water will taste flat and when pouring over tea, it might taste bitter. Since an electric kettle has an extra insulation to keep the heat from escaping, the kettle shuts off as soon as the boiling point has been reached, thus avoiding over boiling.

cordless base

Space Saving

When I entertain I use every burner on my stovetop and the electric kettle opens up a burner for other uses. Kettles can be stored away until needed or kept on your countertop. They do not take up much space.


Electric Kettles are great for dorm rooms or for having access to hot water 

when you don't have access to a kitchen but like to serve tea or coffee. I like to bring the kettle straight to the table when I have guests. This saves me the trip back to the kitchen, whenever someone likes more tea. 

I have the Cordless Stainless Steel Electric Kettle by Asani, which I ordered through Amazon for review purposes. 

This is a Cordless Stainless Steel Electric Kettle. It has a double insulated wall and comes in black, brown, pink or red. I have the black one and I love the sleek looking design of the kettle. It not only looks great, but work just as promised.

Everything from the filter, lid interior, rim, to the spout of the electric water kettle is made using 18/10 food grade stainless steel. 

Double Wall Construction

- Outer Shell Stays Cool to the touch

Unlike other stainless steel electric kettles that get dangerously hot as they boil, this kettle is designed with double walls to keep the exterior safely cool. This is important to minimize the risk of scalds and for use around kids.

Electric Kettle Design

- Boils water very fast

The 120V/ 60Hz power base plus the insulated walls bring water to a boil very fast and keep water in the kettle warmer for much longer.

- Simple to operate

You’ll never have to worry about overheating. The electric kettle comes with an auto shut-off functionality & boil dry protection for extra-safe operation, and a light upon/off switch that allows you to know if your water has boiled with a quick glimpse.


Asani Electric Water Kettle


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