Wicked Strong - Horse Portrait

Sketch of horse portrait "Wicked Strong"

Sketch of horse portrait "Wicked Strong"

As promised here is a peek at my new horse portrait. The reference photo that my client send me shows "Wicked Strong" racing at Saratoga. I wanted to find some more close-up shots of the horse and was completely floored to read that Wicked Strong won the 51st renewal of the Grade2 at the Saratoga Race course! How awesome is that?!  If you like horse races you can read all about the win here  and see Wicked Strong win the race in the video below. 

Wicked Strong  Winning 

If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you know that I am always complaining that people send me bad reference photos for their custom portraits. Well, this time is such a treat to not only have a good photo to work from, but also be able to watch the horse in action. I am so thrilled to have been asked to paint this beautiful racer that I am giddy like a school girl! Of course the pressure is on too to do this beautiful horse justice by trying to convey his strength through paint.  I am off to paint .....

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