What to expect when comissioning a Portrait

Commissioned Portrait 

Commissioned Portrait 

- Initial Discussions

Each oil portrait I create is an individual work of art meant to be an heirloom, museum quality portrait for your family to treasure. Each client's needs are different and therefore I offer different prices for my portraits based on how much of the figure or pet is shown and the amount of detail involved to depict adornments, clothing and background. 

To better guide you through the process specify:

Subject - single or multiple figures

Location - indoors or outdoors

Dress and attitude - formal or informal

Size of painting – Head and Shoulders, ¾ Figure or Full Figure, Size of canvas - how much room is available for a framed painting

If you have seen an image in a magazine or come across a pose you really like, share that information with me. I request that existing photo submissions are sent to me in jpg form at the highest resolution possible.

Sittings take place at the client's home or choice of location. Allow at least one to two hours for the complimentary photo shoot. A portrait unlike a photo is meant to be timeless and not every photo makes for a great painting. Trust me to guide you through the photo shoot and the photo selection.

As a professional portrait artist I always like to know my sitter better and the photo sessions allow me to observe anything unique to the individual, which can later be captured in the finished portrait. If you live local take me up on my offer for a complimentary photo shoot and pose for the painting. This is a fun experience, after all how many people can actually say they have had their portraits painted and got to see and know the artist who did it!

If in person meetings are not possible, then provide me with the best photos (sharpest images possible). In the event of posthumous portraits you might even be asked to send several resource photos. Share with me anything that is unique to the person whose portrait you like me to paint. The more I know and the better the reference sources - the more you will love the results.

Once photos are analyzed a contract is signed and you are expected to pay a deposit for the portrait commission. This payment is non-refundable in order to compensate for the artist's time and progression of the portrait.

You can follow the progress of the work on my blog or privately  via email. To protect children their true identities are not mentioned.

The remaining balance is due upon completion of the portrait. At that time delivery arrangements will be made. Clients are responsible for applicable taxes, shipping and insurance fees.

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