Using Polarizer Filter to Photograph Paintings Outdoors

Using Polarizer Filter to Photograph Paintings Outdoors

I have had nothing but trouble getting decent photos of my paintings. There is the glare to deal with, a hazy film or light bouncing in from different objects. Since I live in sunny California where the weather is for the most part very nice, most photos I take of my work are photographed outside. I tried the indoor thing with poor results, since I don't have the proper equipment. So after reading many forum posts and trying different things, I finally got a photo of my painting that does not need adjustments in Photoshop and looks exactly as the painting does.

I had to share the difference with you, because seeing is believing.

Image 1 is shot without a polarizer this morning around 10am.

Image 2 which has colors exactly as the painting was shot under direct sunlight, using a Canon Rebel EOS Digital Camera with a circular polarizer.

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