John William Waterhouse Art Video

John William Waterhouse Art Video shows a nice array of his work.

Waterhouse's early paintings were influenced by Victorian neo-classicism as practiced by Alma-Tadema, Leighton and Poynter. Later, he came under the spell of the second phase of Pre-Raphaelitism, led by Burne-Jones. By the mid-1880s, he was interested in French plein-air painting à la Jules Bastien-Lepage. By the early 1890s, Waterhouse had fused all of these influences into his own style: "He painted pre-Raphaelite pictures in a more modern manner. He was, in fact, a kind of academic Burne-Jones, like him in his types and his moods, but with less insistence on design and more on atmosphere." Source
The Life and Art of John William Waterhouse

Read about a petition signing to bring works by Waterhouse to the United States for an exhibit in 2009 here

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