The Garden Cat


The painting of the garden cat is finished and I wanted to share some close-up images of the finished work.  This painting was slowly built up to show painterly texture wherever needed. Unfortunately texture is something that often gets lost when posting images of the finished work, so let's zoom in and have a closer peak :)

I wanted to keep the face of this cat soft looking, so that the light pinks and soft greens would not be out of place. The fur is painterly done and only highlighted here and there to add a hint of fur.  You can see more of how the painting of the garden cat was created via the slide show.

Some fun cat fact:

  • Both humans and Cats have identical regions in brain responsible for emotion.
  • A cat has 230 bones versus 206 bones in a human
  • Cats see 6x better at night than we do

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Visit Etsy Shops

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