Best Buddies - Group Portrait


This is my latest group portrait commission of two brothers and their dog, which I have titled "Best Buddies". When my client submitted her reference photos, I was struck how these two brothers were always right next to each other smiling at the camera and when I discovered a photo that included their dog as well, the choice for the group portrait was easily made. 

The slide show shows the reference photos and how I created the painting from start to finish.You might notice that the kids were wearing T-shirts that had writing on them. I thought that the writing and figures on the clothing were too distracting and taking focus away from the brothers and their dog. After all the viewer is supposed to look at these best buddies and not what's on the clothing. My client wanted a blue background and I grabbed blues found in their jeans and the chair to tie all the colors together. You can see what my client had to say about the portrait here.

If you like to learn more about how to commission a portrait you can read about my different styles and rates here.

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