The Artists of Art A Fair

Laguna Press Coverage

Photo: Sarah Black

Last week one of those rare opportunities presented itself for me to speak about the wonderful diversity of art that is being shown at Art A Fair. A reporter from the Register came by and I made it a point to stop at everyone's booth to talk about the art and the artist until the poor lady run out of time on her metered parking and had to dash off.

I figured it was important that readers of the paper know that you don't have to buy imported items to decorate your home or to give as gifts. Places like Art A Fair have a wonderful array of goodies, weather they are paintings, glass work, metal designs or jewelery. The variety in prices offered for original hand created items makes these unique pieces affordable for just about every budget.


Photo: Sarah Black

The artists themselves take great pride in their work and are very accomplished in their field of expertise. What I find the most overlooked aspect is that when you buy a massed produced item, you are getting something created in a factory, with no prospect of appreciating in value. When you buy something from an artist, you buy a piece that has been created with great vision and love and as the artist's work continues to be collected is bound to increase in value.

While talking about photography opposite my booth the reporter noticed the same image of Lillian that I wear on my badge in my booth and asked if she could take my photo. I was totally surprised to see my work being featured for the 2nd time in the paper!

Please visit here for more photos from other artists at the Art A Fair.

Thank you Sarah for featuring the Artists of Art A Fair!

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