The Art of Mikel Robinson

The Universe is not a random place- though there are those who may disagree. In my opinion, your visit to this website was also not a random act. But yet, we often feel as though we are random and nameless, as we live out our lives, in a sometimes disconnected world. A world that often leaves us feeling separated from others by invisible walls of convenience and non-interaction. I, however, feel we are deeply connected to each other in more ways than can be understood, and it is these connections which give us identity, and meaning for our lives. My art explores these human interconnections- these "Life Stories"- and thereby seeks to serve as a reminder that existence is a precious gift not randomly given, and that our lives are more than an accidental set of days. By Mikel Robinson

UHHH, I love this! Mikel's work evokes the feeling of a different world. Mikel searches for materials at estate sales (i.e., old photographs of people, antique frames, mounted butterflies) and embellishes them with India ink and oil paint. His installation pieces are lit from behind giving the art the quality of old parchment.
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