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"A dream is just a dream and nothing more
Nothing's ever been this way before ... "

Lyrics by Jack Savoretti/Steve Booker



I am hooked on Jack Savoretti and I was listening to this song while working on Dreamers. I am working on new side projects and taking lessons on how to hone my digital art skills. 
I knew I wanted to create a "dreamscape", an image that would show me step into another world. So first I looked for an outfit that would kind of fit a dreamy feel. 

Then I took tons of photos of myself from the front and back until I had enough photos to choose the best one for the job. 
Props for Painting
Next, I started to look for mirrors and frames. I needed something large that could give me the space needed to add my dreamscape. 

For this project, I worked mainly in Photoshop CC. I created layer upon layer adding each of the elements, cropping and moving them until I had the right composition that I thought works well. This meant that things had to get flipped and cropped. The dappled light on the ground gave me an idea to increase that effect by adding a layer mask for the dappled light overlay.

When looking at photos for compositions it's a good idea to look for things that can lead the eye. Here the center divider was the perfect tool to lead the viewer's eye from the figure right into the imaginary forest setting. 


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