Sharpei Mix Portrait

Sharpei Mix Portrait

Sharpei in pound

Each year approximately 1.5 million animals are euthanized (670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats). It seems like animal shelters have revolving doors as abandoned and lost pets make their way through these centers. The somewhat better news is that approximately 3.2 million shelter animals are adopted each year (1.6 million dogs and 1.6 million cats). About 710,000 animals who enter shelters are reunited with their owners.

I am always happy when I hear that someone has adopted a pet from a shelter. For the dog or cat, this means life outside of a small enclosure. This new portrait commission of a Shar-Pei mix is such a sad story that found a happy ending. My client told me that her friend adopted this dog from a shelter in Hawaii. Just looking at the shelter photo makes me feel so sad to imagine what this poor baby must have gone through.


My client had seen the above portrait of a boxer I had painted for another client and requested that I paint a similar portrait for her friend. The tricky part about this portrait commission will be to re-create the facial features of this dog without having a proper photo reference. By communicating with the client I can get the guidance I need to make the portrait look as close as possible to her friend's dog

sharpei painting progression

For now, I am adding the background and blanket. Before that, I focused on matching the skin folds as close as possible to the original reference photo. There is still a lot of work to be done but for now, I need to get feedback from my client before I can continue.

Sharpei Face

Update #2:

Sharpei painting

Update #3

Sharpei Progression 3

Update 4:

Sharpei WIP4

Update 5:

Sharpei Face


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