Stately Custom Painted Child Portraits

Stately Custom Painted Child Portraits

The Young Prince – Portrait of a Boy

The Young Prince is the title of this custom painted child portrait featuring a very handsome boy. I prefer to find titles for my child portraits and not give out the child’s name. Somehow this boy really reminded me of a young prince and I suppose  the title choice might have stemmed from the unusual top he is wearing.  I think the title fits the portrait of this boy really well, besides, which mom does not think of her son as a young prince?! 


Before and After Images ©Enzie Shahmiri Portraits and Fine Art

White outfits work well with light beige backgrounds like this, but don't be fooled by this photograph of the painting. When you look at a painting you will see light blues, yellows and even pink tones worked into the outfit. They are hardly noticeable until you really go looking for them, but these little dabs here and there are what make the painting interesting to look at and give it so much more definition. 

Light bounces off objects and people and shadows often reflect colors of things that are close-by. We are so used to just seeing one thing that we really have to stop and look to see all the colors that are represented. Just try it, take a white shirt and hold it up against other colors and see how the white shirt will take on slight hue shifts of the things that surround it. All I can say is that it will no longer be pure white. If you like to order a similar portrait click below.


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