Sheepdog Custom Pet Portrait


Sometimes I surprise myself and I have to say I absolutely love how this large painting of an equally large sheepdog has turned out. 

sheepdog painting on easel

Since the painting measures 18x24inches there was enough room to really go with big and bold brushwork. I worked in yellows and oranges and some tan colors and the fur started to get a life of it's own. 

sheepdog head

In the reference photo the eyes were completely lost and I went in with some gold tones and highlights to add some sparkle and bring them back out again. 

dog toy

The dog was holding on to his favorite toy that was not at all visible. I could not even tell what it was and after a quick back and forth email the mystery was solved and a new distinguishable toy was added. I really hope that my client will love this painting. If not I might just ask to keep it :) 

If you like to order a similar portrait just click below fore more info. 

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