Rose Garland Prints

Rose Garland Prints

rose garland with ribbons

I was at the Renaissance Fair and saw these beautiful garlands of pink roses with tons of colorful ribbons hanging from them. They are made as a headdress for girls, but all lined up they just reminded me of a romantic garland of roses. 

pink roses with baby breath

Since I love to take photographs I took photos of every angle imaginable.

pink ribbons

By concentrating on just small areas of an overall composition one is presented with an entirely new viewpoint. I found the softness of the ribbons and the pale hues really interesting. Since the wind was moving the ribbons it also created an interesting interplay of undulating lines.


Moving up the line the colors became more intense, but in the end, I decided to go with the entire image. I am thinking this last photo will suit itself best for an abstract painting. 

Rose Garland Print Above Sofa

Anyhow, since I really loved how these garlands looked I am selling them as prints. Available as Print ...