Post Mortem Newborn Portrait


I am a mom of two children and I can still remember the day when I delivered each one of them. I recall he feelings of utter joy that went through me when I heard them cry and was told that they are both healthy. I think many of us often forget how lucky we are when we bear children without any complications. Sadly my recent commission of baby Ryan was anything but a joyful event. Tragically this baby lost it's life too soon and all that his family had to remember him by were a few  photos taken at the hospital. 

 I am not going to show you those photos out of respect to the family. I did however wanted to share with you that it is possible to create a portrait of a newborn by using existing reference photos of the deceased baby and combine them with photos of siblings to recreate a lifelike likeness.  Most of what you see in this painting was recreated and all I used was the reference points of baby Ryan's eyes, nose and mouth. Now he looks like the angelic little boy his parents can share with the rest of the family and remember him by. 

These type of portraits are never easy to create and they fill me with great sadness for their families. However, I take solace that they mean a great deal to the parents of the deceased baby and provide a way they can share their little angles with siblings and family members. If you like to give someone a very unique and special gift click below for size and rate options.

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