Irish setter painting on easel

Portrait of Daisy the Irish Setter is Completed

Portrait of an Irish Setter

Another dog portrait, this time the painting of an Irish Setter has been completed and is on its way to be placed under a Christmas tree. The dog was painted sitting on a boat at a lake and shows the animal enjoying the cool water front breeze. The oil painting measures 12x16 inches. This custom painting started with photo reference that had homes in the background. 

daisy the Irish setter

I started by doing a loose block in of all the colors and the figure of the dog.

loose paint block in

Ones that was done, layer upon layer of paint was added to create the texture you see now. I did not include the homes and painted in more greenery. Also the dog's eyes were not clearly visible, so I made sure to add more highlights.

dog portrait 

When I work on different paintings I like to use Grey Matters Paper Palette. This allows me to keep the different color palettes that I am using while working on different paintings seperate. I also tend to be economical with my paint and only squeeze out as much as I need that particular time that I am painting a certain area.

dog portrait on the easel

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