Small Customizable Keepsake Box

Customizable Keepsake Boxes in Two Sizes

Large Customizable Keepsake box

If you are looking for a One-of-a-Kind Gift these customizable keepsake/ jewelry boxes are a wonderful item to gift. With a fast turn around, these keepsake boxes are also a great gift for those last minute gift purchases.

Made of wood and secured with a magnetized lid. The image is printed on a vibrant tile inlaid into the lid of this beautiful box. I can also fix up your original photo so it looks nice on the box. 

Here is an example of a keepsake box I created for a client. 

horse with rider reference photo

My client send me a photothat had a trailer in the background. I took the trailer out and fixed the background and overall resolution of the reference photo and created this new Keepsake box.

Keepsake box customized

I think the keepsake box looks much better and my client was super thrilled to see the extra stepd I took to customize this special gift. Ordering is super easy - you can choose the size and color from below and send me your photo via my contact form.

The keepsake boxes can be ordered in small or large and in different finishes. To view all my Keepsake Boxes click here and to order a customizable box choose from below.

Small box
Large box


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