Portrait of a Little Sailor

Portrait of a Little Sailor

Child Portrait Little Sailor

I am very excited about this new portrait titled "Little Sailor Boy". The painting is of an 18 month-year-old cutie pie that has a smile that can melt hearts. After my client and I went through the initial stages of figuring out what type of portrait would be most suitable and I thought I share with you the starting stages of this portrait.

sketch of child at beach

As with any portrait quick mock-ups along with my ideas for what the portrait might look like are presented. At first, we were thinking about a painting that could be hung in the child's room. I came up with this option that shows a little boy in a boat as a whale swims by. 

However, I tend to look at portraits as an investment that lasts a lifetime and therefore also like to make suggestions for a painting layout that can be suitable for display in any other room, once the child has outgrown the toddler years.

We decided to stick to a nautical theme, but the child is now seated on a beach, by the water's edge with a toy boat. This type of painting will be much more realistic in feel and can, later on, be moved to the parent's bedroom or even given to grandparents as a gift. 

glazing face

After the initial sketch to get the placement of the figure in place, I started to add color. 

Portrait Sketch of a boy

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