Picking Flowers - Toddler Portrait

Face Detail - Portraits by NC

Face Detail - Portraits by NC

This cute little girl is the granddaughter of a very good friend of mine. She has the most amazing looking blue eyes and such a beautiful overall complexion that I just had to paint her. All I had was a photo of her holding a plastic toy (last image in slideshow) and I decided to flip the image, get rid of the toy and place her into a field of colorful flowers. 

Remember yesterday when I wrote about the nursery furniture and the colors of the bedding?See if you can recognize the color palette again.  The orange, pinks,greens and blues were repeated in the painting, just in a different painting style.

Below are some close-up shots of the painting~

Anyhow, I have another dog portrait to start and just wanted to quickly share with you the finished painting. I hope you like this latest work and share the images with your friends. 

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