Dog Portrait of Ares

Detail of Dog Portrait

Detail of Dog Portrait

I just finished another portrait of a dog called "Ares". Ares is a Dutch Shepherd and he lives with his owner in Croatia. His owner wrote a lovely blog post about her experience of working with me on her blog B.A.B.'s Paws - check it out!

Ares has a very interesting coat, which is short and has these dark markings. He is a beautiful dog and I had to play around with color to make his eyes and markings pop. They were all lost in the reference photo. The background colors were taken from the gravel and have hints of mauve, grey, blue and green. His dark coat has hints of purple and blue in the highlights to add definition and interest. 

I actually took some time to create a map of where my paintings are located through out the world and after 30 pins, I run out of the free option. I am excited to be able to add a pet from Croatia to my map. My client opted for the Pay What You Want Digital Portrait - File Only and since I am sending her the high resolution file of this painting, there are no worries about artwork getting lost or damages while in transit and having to deal with taxes and surcharges for mailing overseas. The internet has made our lives so much easier, don't you think?! 

Anyhow, I am off to send my clients the last images of the finished portrait and hope that she will like how Ares has turned out. 

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