Brown Calico Cat

Pet Portrait Two Calico Cats

Calico Cats

The painting of the Calico cats is now finished and ready for the client's approval. Since a lot of brushwork detail gets lost when I upload a lower resolution image I am including some before and afters of the face.

Face close-up

The fur of the Calico cat is difficult to paint since it has so many variations in shading and I really hope, after many hours of painting, that I nailed it with these two.

brown calico face

The darker one was challenging. I added deep greens and bluish grays to get some sort of definition in the dark fur.

black calico cat

I love the colors of the background they are soft and lighten up the overall look of the painting.


One of my other client's has reached out for a 3rd custom painted portrait, so for today, it's time to put this one away and start working on a horse portrait.

Here is the finished piece ....

two calico cats

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