Brown Dog Face

Pet Portrait of a Dog in a Poppy Field

Painting of brown dog on easel

This custom pet portrait of a brown dog amongst a field of flowers has taken a bit longer than usual, due to the large canvas size and the amount of detail in the poppy field. Now that it is almost finished I can't wait to see the paint be dry enough so I can take it off the easel to take a proper photo of it. The red poppies in the foreground made this painting really pop and really interesting to look at. I hope that I capture this dog's sweet face and that my client will just fall in love with her new portrait.

brown dog face

Ones I put on a coat of final varnish the dog's coat will just glow. But the entire canvas has to be completely dry before I can do that. Cadmium Red dries slow and besides me using the blow dryer to speed the drying process up a bit more, even more, patience is called for.

Poppy Field

Poppies are my favorite flowers and I am tempted to paint just the foreground for myself :)
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