Painting of German Shepherd by the Beach

German Shepherd painting on easel

The painting of the German Shepherd by the beach is finished and ready to be shown to my client for the final approval. I took some photos of this 11x14in painting, to show some closeup shots of the work done. 

German Shepherd Face

When dealing with a dark-haired pet it is always tricky to show the form of the facial features. This time I used blues and purples and various thicknesses of paint application to create the fur texture. This show is taken at 2x magnification so the detailed brushwork is better visible. 

Paw detail

In some areas, I worked in some pinks and blue/greys into the sand to create more of a wet beach look and in others, more ochre tones to warm the sand up. There is brushwork into every direction with intermittingly changing depths of paint. I want the light to bounce off these areas to really make the sand and ocean foam come alive. 

hind legs

Ones it comes all together it creates the illusion of this dog standing on sand.

German Shepherd at the beach

There was not much room for the name, but I added it as best as possible. The tag reads "Apollo" . Now it's time for the paint to dry and for me to have a chance to figure out if anything else needs touching up.

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