Lilly The French Bulldog - Portrait


I love the way Lilly has turned out! Her sweet expressive face is just like I remember when I first met her. The nose was giving me a bit of trouble, but I finally breathed some life into it. My favorite are the eyes however. I posted these detail shot so you can see what I mean. 

I think a pet portrait has to be very expressive. We recognize those special features that are peculiar to our pets and those are the things I try to capture in my animal portraits. This French Bulldog has such a character that it comes through just in the way she looks at you. 

Below is a detail shot of the ear ~


Lilly's coat is a light beige and she has a lot of pink tones around the muzzle. Here I have started to apply the color keeping always in mind what the underlying skull structure is like. As I continue to apply paint, make corrections and pay attention to surface texture, the painting moves from a rough sketch towards a very life like quality.


Meet Lilly a little French Bulldog with a very sweet face and demeanor.  I started to create the painting by putting down a foundation of monochrome color. If you like to learn more about ordering your very own pet portrait contact me. 

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