A new Horse Painting


When I first started to work on this painting I was too busy to get the drawing right rather than making plans for the color scheme. As work on the horse progressed however, I soon realized that keeping everything in grey and black was rather boring. This painting called for a major punch up in  the color department. Starting with a few blue tints in the darkest part of the painting, similar hues started to creep into the background as well, which I wanted to keep as ambiguous as possible.

Then something interesting happened - I noticed a certain juxtaposition of the subservient stance against the hidden power which emanates from this strong horse.  I had a new challenge, how does one show power in a non moving animal?

I put on  my thinking cap and recalled what usually happens when a horse comes to a sudden stop after a powerful gallop. Swirls of dust particles catch up and start to dance around their pretty manes. It is as if the atmosphere had been supercharged by the force of the hooves pounding the earth.  To me the texture in this painting resembles those dust particles and stand for the strength of horses. 

It's time to choose a name for this painting. Please scroll down and let me know which title you find most suitable. You can leave a comment on this blog or on my Facebook page.



Work on the horse is moving forward and I wanted to post some updates. One of my blog readers and fellow artist friends asked me how I built up the texture and what medium I am using. So far on this painting I have used WN Titanium White, which I allowed to get tacky and which I apply with a little dentist tooth scraper. I want there to be scattered texture for visual interest. Did I ever mention, I have this odd feeling that in a past life I must have been a miniaturist?! Here is my tool of choice when working on small scale paintings. The Brush is a spotter size 10/0 and the scraper was picked up at a Fair from a vendor who sold new dentist tools.


The shades of grey are accomplished with WN Ivory black and a ever so slight hint of Still De Grain Brown by Rembrandt. I  had no need for the use of any medium as of yet. This horse has these round markings in it's coat that have been driving me crazy, hotting the right shades has been a slight challenge, but what's painting without challenges, right?!

Anyhow, I have already started to add Wn French Ultra Marine Blue and really punched up all the detail work, which you will soon see in the next update. It's back to the easel for me :)


I love it when I have more than one painting in the works and while I waited for the French Bulldog painting to dry, I started this painting. The original photo was taken at the

Nellie Gail Equestrian Center while this horse was going through a training routine.I also have a contest going on my

Facebook Page

 Help me find a suitable title for the painting. The winner will receive a print of the finished painting!

Here are some of the titles already suggested:

Mahvash Moghaddam - Majestic

Clifford Hamblen - How about Equine Majesty.

Susanne Namdar - Humble Beauty

Liz Walker - Solace

Jeff Davis - Acquiescence

Crazee Granny - As You Wish

Joanne Swadron - Yes I'm listening

Joanne Swadron - Equine Concentration

Maude McDonal - Magestic Bow

L Risor Artist - Step Lightly

Ambra Tesori - The bow

Murielle Hamilton - I Know Who I Am

Deborah Kotaka - Prayer

Margaret Williams - Courage or Acceptance

Maribeth Friedman McFaul - Humble Warrior


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