Jeune Mariée - Grizaille

Jeune Mariée Oil Painting in Progress

I have been feverishly working away at Jeune Mariée, while I am waiting for Anna-Maria to dry. Thinking that I had already uploaded the sketch, I deleted the photo from my camera's memory. OOPs...

After having posterized Jeune-Mariée in Photoshop I proceeded with placing the gray values on the canvas. I have to point out that although this is a bride in white, it is important to remember that what we think we see and what is actually there are two very different things. Even white consist of subtle nuances of value shifts. As the figure turns some of these values will be rather unexpected dark grays. These shifts in values are necessary though to give the body underneath the garment the illusion of being three dimensional.

The dress is a multitude of little beads and delicate stitch work. There is so much information there that it is mind boggling. But in order to make sense of it all, following the path the light travels is the 1st step to get a handle on what is going on. I will talk more about how I am dealing with the dress later.

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