How to Combat Pet Boredom

Black Boston Terrier

When I was painting the portrait of this Boston Terrier I was reminded of my own dog Benji, who sometimes would get rather bored with me constantly working. A bored pet can sometimes spell trouble, like raiding the trash can or hamper or chewing on items that should be off limit.

“Given the right circumstances, you’ll be stunned at what your pet might be capable of doing. ”
— Says Myrna Milani, D.V.M

Here are some suggestions on what to do with a bored pet

Go for a Walk

In most cases a quick 20 minute walk at least twice a day should help get your pet's energy reservoir depleted. If you are working, you might have to hire a dog walker. The added expense might not be so bad, when considering that your pet will stay healthy and your cost of replacing damaged goods will be down to zero. 

Get Another Pet

Not every pet will welcome a new addition, but sometimes having another pet at home will keep them busy with each other. 

Turn on the TV

TV shows are not just for people. and can provide hours of entertainment even for our pets. Choose a channel like the Animal planet, because seeing other animals might be more interesting than watching a talk show. I often hear of dogs who intently gaze at the TV as soon as they see other dogs.

Play a Video

These days there is a video on just about every topic. Amazon has several of them and they are made specifically with your pooch in mind. 

DVD For Dogs : While You Are Gone $10.62 Starring Deer, ducks, geese, wolfs, prairie dogs

Offer something to Chew

Rather than finding your best leather boots all chewed up , why not fill a hollow dog toy with peanut butter or a special treat your dog loves. My daughter has two large dogs and whenever she leaves the house the kongs come out. They have worked wonders and the dogs no longer destroy things just because they were bored. 

KONG Classic Dog Toy, Large, Red $10.06 KONG

What do you do to keep your dog from getting bored? I love to hear your comments. 

Also if you like to learn more about this Boston Terrier Portrait I just finished click below. 


boston terrier pet portrait
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While I am creating, my team is hard at work to make your shopping experience easy and smooth.

While I am creating, my team is hard at work to make your shopping experience easy and smooth.