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I have been very busy of late and my studio has become so crowded with paintings in various stages of completion that I have found myself in need of easels. I have two large David Sorg easel, one of them is the one I use for working on paintings each day. The other one has been moved into a different room for when I need to work on oversized paintings. Then there are two French easels, a metal easel and a small desktop easel. Today, I have a 16x20in portrait commission of two horses on the studio easel and several other works in progress are scattered around in my studio that seems to be shrinking on a daily basis thanks to all these big easels. Why so many easels you ask?!


Well, paintings go through various stages -  sometimes an underpainting has to dry, sometimes they have to be set aside so paint has a chance to dry before the next layer can be applied. Other times an artist just needs a break and a new perspective and needs to work on something else. Some paintings need final varnish applied and sometimes I am just waiting to hear back from a client to approve the finished painting. The clutter of easels in my studio has become insane to say the least and I have started to look into other alternatives. Mainly smaller desktop easels like the one from US Art Supplies.

US Art Supply Solid Solana Adjustable Wood Desktop Easel

US Art Supply Solid Solana Adjustable Wood Desktop Easel

This easel is much smaller than a traditional French easel, which makes it ideal as a desktop easel. A 14x11 in  canvas will fit nicely on this easel. The drawer has three compartments ideal for storing brushed or pencils. The easel itself measures 13-3/8 width x 10-1/4in deep x 2" high. Latches hold the drawer in place and a handle is attached for easy carrying. There is even a wooden palette included. I like this easel for it's small size and for the fact that it takes up very little room in my already crowded studio space. 

US Art Supply "Solid Solana" Adjustable Wood Desktop Easel with Drawer $19.96 US Art Supply
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