Civil War Sweethearts - Vintage Painting


Civil War buffs and those who love old imagery might get a kick out of this portrait commission I recently finished for a client. The actual photo was taken at one of those studios where you dress up in costume and was rather dark as you can see below.


The photo reference had so many problems in key areas that turning it into a painting was very challenging for me. The sepia photo was nothing but brown in brown and in dire need of some color definition. The next problem was that the size ordered was 8x10in which is really small for a double portrait and doesn't really give much room for moving paint around. And moving paint around I did, until I finally came up with what you see today. 

What started with a photo restoration gradually turned into a painting with a landscape in the background and I hope that my client will be happy with the results. If you like to order a similar portrait click below or contact me.

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