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Goddess of Flora in Beige and Purple Bedroom

House Beautiful

The other day a friend visited and commented on how my home was always decorated so nicely. She told me she would love to accessories with paintings, but just did not know how to go about it. Well,as a visual artist my eyes glaze over when someone starts talking numbers or gives reports which are filled with too many facts. If I can't see it, I have a hard time getting it. So why should it be any different for those who do not have the "artistic eye' ?

That got me thinking perhaps more blog post about decorating with paintings, might make it easier to see how my art can fit into your home.

Bedroom Chair

House Beautiful

This room was spotted in House Beautiful and it's fairly easy to work with because there is a lot of soft beige, gold tones and purplish brown. Simple and elegant the room can be enhanced by the addition of art work on the wall. I used my painting

Amerat Goddess of Flora

in a golden frame, because it mirrors the colors that are already in the room. The small punches of green and red in the painting make it interesting and bring some life in to the monotony of colors already in the room . 

I also chose this painting because if you look at the bed and the large chair there is a lot of visual heaviness. The paintings handling on the other hand is rather delicate and it's organic line work and patterns contrast nicely against the weight of the furniture giving the room a feminine soft touch. 

The original painting has sold, but canvas print can still be ordered. 

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