Portrait of a girl

Child Portrait - Custom Portraits of Girls

Portrait of a Girl on a Rocking Chair

I am a bit behind on posting my finished paintings and thought today I'll take some time and share a child portrait I just finished for a client. 

My client wanted to match the background of the painting of her daughter to some existing framed images. I asked to send me photos of the other framed images to get a better idea of what type of background color would be a complementary match. 

Matching background colors

Photos are often taken at very different times and tend to fade over time. To make a newer reference photo fit better, I took color cues from the two existing photos. The mint green and pinks are repeated in the new painting and therefore make the painting match better than if the background would have been painted blue. 

face of a girl

Here is a detail shot of the head, so you can see the brushwork better. and below a shot of the hands. 


I pulled in different colors into the shaded areas instead of black and grey to make the painting look more vibrant and interesting. Painting kids is a lot of fun and I am currently working on a baby portrait, which I will show you as soon as it is done. 

Child Painting on Easel

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