Burmese Cat Portrait


It's almost 7pm and I have taken this painting as far as I could. The parasol detail has been added and I changed the cats nose from purple to pink. I can't tell from the  reference photo what is going on with the nose and need my client's input before I can continue. So I suppose this is a good time to stop with this painting and see if I can continue on the others commissions that need my attention. 


Here is another painting I have been working on of a Burmese cat. The Burmese is a breed of domestic cat, originating in Southeast Asia and developed in the United States and Britain. Wikipedia . My client had seen the portrait of  Sweetie Pie and really liked the idea of the parasol and wanted me to paint something similar. These images show the early stages and kitty is still floating in the background. I will be posting updates soon. Since I have started I have really concentrated on bringing out the fur and working on the eyes. Now I need to concentrate more on the background and foreground. 


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