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Update ~ June 24

Last night was the opening night preview invitational at Art A Fair. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the amount of people already lined up for the preview outside the gates. There were so many visitors to this event that at times the aisles would get clogged up with people trying to move by. Incredible!

Visitors looking at my work

I was very happy to see that many visitors really stopped and studied my work. Over and over I got complimented on the amount of detailed work in my paintings and highly expressive eyes of my subjects. Needless to say it was nice to see that my work was so well received by total strangers.

Susanne and FeriMy Booth

I really appreciated all my friends and relatives who drove from as far as Los Angeles and San Diego to be part of my reception night. It made this evening even more special for me. Thanks guys!

Update ~ June 22

My booth is finally finished! The goal was to go with a minimalist look, but for different reasons I changed my mind and went all out. There are still paintings at the studio to fill empty spaces as the show progresses and work will continue on unfinished pieces while at the show.

The most difficult part for me was to figure out how to display the black and white series and prints without taking away focus from the paintings on the wall. As a first time exhibitor at such a venue, not really knowing what to expect, I did not want to go over board with expenses. By looking around the house, I was able to re-purposed long retired items that were tucked away in closets and the guestroom. I literally turned them around in every direction to see how they could best work for me at the booth.

The newly acquired Gallery system worked like a charm and ended up being the biggest expense, but well worth it. Hanging these heavy paintings on a flimsy drywall was just too much a risk and now I don't have to worry that all might come crashing down.

Art A Fair Web Page

Update ~ June 19

Art A Fair redid their web site and I have been waiting eagerly to see the work of my fellow exhibitors. There are so many wonderfully talented artists at the show that I am really honored to be able share a spot with them. Have a peek at the wonderful work of 126 exhibitors


There are paintings in various mediums, drawings, photography, digital art, mixed media, sculpture, jewelry, ceramics, glass and wood. Such a wonderful variety set amidst nice grounds.

Update ~ June 12 ~ 1st Day of Work at Art A Fair

Booth Painting Banksy Style

Today marked the day that things moved from the planing stage to action. My husband and son said that it was not necessary for me to do any painting with my bad shoulder, so for the 1st time in my life I stood by rather idle and just looked on.

Of course,  I could not resist dipping a small brush into this lovely gray brown chosen to set off the golden frames and my work. By the time Booth B-22 was finished it looked like a huge elephant had stomped by.

Preparations for Art A Fair 2010

We were told that the 1st day of painting would be super crowded, but I guess people stayed home to watch the soccer games, because even at 11am there were very few people actually working, let alone walls finished.

Now, we have to install lighting and start moving some display racks in. This booth is a full size booth and I can't help but wonder how small it is. By the time the paintings hang and the racks are set up, there won't be any room for me. Mmmm?!

Update ~ May

Great news! On a last minute whim, I decided to submit some paintings for consideration for Art A Fair and was accepted!

Art A Fair is a juried show, which means that the paintings I had submitted for approval had to pass scrutiny and score high in order to be admitted. Popular venues such as this two month long summer show, which runs daily from June 25th until August 29th draw a lot of visitors, thus once an artists has secured a spot, vacancies become infrequent, making it more difficult for new artists to get a spot.

This is sooo exciting!

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