A New Infant Portrait


The two dog portraits are in various stages of completion and I have now started on a new baby portrait. In November and December I was working on so many portraits that I had to set up different easels. In 2015 I painted, I think at last count - 104 portraits! No wonder I felt like I had no social life ~ LOL . Anyhow, that's exactly how I love to work, because it requires me to stay very focused and work swiftly. There is nothing like working against deadlines. The learning curve is steep and yes, I also had oops moments of which I am not so proud. But all and all it is amazing when you have no time to diddle daddle, how much can be accomplished. But let's get back to this little infant boy here. 

Baby Girl Congratulations Large Gift Bag
Baby Girl Congratulations Large Gift Bag by j_krasner

I really wanted to paint this little one in a nest, my imagination was working out ying and yang principles of the soft baby skin against the rough twigs of the nest and I was hoping for the type of Anne Geddes image,  but my client preferred the painting simple.  Right now I am working on smoothing out the skin and then I shall start on the texture of the knit blanket. So off to work it is :)

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