A Lilly Pond

Lilly Pond 

Lilly Pond 

I super busy with commissions right now and just quickly wanted to share the next step of the current painting I am working on. After I get the colors blocked in I start to work up each area of the painting. Note how everything is a bit blurry. This is done intentionally, because our eyes tend to go towards things that are more in focus and therefore of more interest. What started out as three lonely water-lillies soon transformed itself into a pond filled with them,. Once I post the entire finished painting you will see what I mean :)


Here you can see a close-up shot of the brush work. By keeping edges soft and varying colors with high contrast, the idea of the flower type is suggested. Someone from Mars, might only see wiggly paint, but we earthlings all recognize that shape as a water lilly. At least that's what I am counting on :)

I know yesterday I tweeted that I will be doing bushes and trees today, but I went for Oreo's face instead. Hey I am a portrait painter not landscape artist, faces are what I  just what I naturally gravitate too.  So here is a sneak peek - of Oreo's face.

Dog Portrait  Eye Detail

Dog Portrait  Eye Detail

You can see how I started the layout of this painting here

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