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Click on Envelope to receive your free gift!

If you ask me what my most favorite Holiday is I will gleefully say it's Christmas. My love for this holiday started when we would visit my grandma in Germany as a pre-schooler.

She used to live in an "Altbau", a German old style Apartment that was absolutely huge. Well, I guess as a kid everything seems huge :)  A grand wooden staircase, which always smelled of polished wood would guide us up several flight of stairs to her place. My brother and I would always run ahead with great anticipation of things to come.  That's because we knew that inside grandma's home, behind a very large closed double door magical things were happening. We were told that the "Christkind" - a winged angel that only appears on Christmas Eve was flying from home to home bringing goodies to well behaved children. The snag was you had to stay well behaved and not peek until the grown-ups would open those double doors and reveal a glorious Christmas tree surrounded by gift wrapped packages. 


The funny thing is, once grandma moved to a more modern apartment,  the slender looking Christkind was replaced by an overweight dude in a red suit. I never quiet understood what happened there.  Judging from the increase in gifts we received year after year I suppose a bulky, muscular man in an oversize vehicle was just another necessity. I wonder if Christkind was laid off right before the Christmas - don't you hate when companies do that?! But I am veering off the subject, I wanted to share a bit about my joy for Christmas and extend a little Christmas gift to my loyal subscribers!  


Please click here to pick up your letter I have send using Jacquie Lawson's Greeting cards. When you click on the envelope a little surprise is waiting inside just for you! 

I wish you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season and thank you for your continued friendship!

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