Tutorial - How to make Miniature Flower Garlands

Tutorial - How to make Miniature Flower Garlands

Pink Flower Miniature Garland Making a flower garland is an easy way to add some color and decoration to just about anything. Today I am sharing how to create this miniature flower garland using tissue paper, beads and paper punches.

Materials you will need for this project:

1. Different shades of pink tissue paper

2. Small beads ( I used white ones)

3. Tacky glue

Clear Tacky glue

4. Thread and needle

5. Two different floral craft punches small and medium size

Small Punch

Medium Flower Punch

The trick to making the flowers look pretty is to vary the punch sizes and colors of tissue paper. 


1. Punch out lots of pink floral shapes using the craft puncher and colored tissue papers. For this project I used light and dark pinks and white printer paper. The printer paper is actually sandwiched between the tissue paper, so that punching it out is easier. If you do not use the printer paper, the thin sheets get stuck in your puncher. 

2. Thread a needle and knot the end of the string. 

3. Start picking up different sizes and colors of your flower punch outs and pin through the center. It does not matter what order or how many you use. The idea here is to vary the colors and shapes of the flowers. Each should look slightly different from the other. 

Adding tissue petals

Different paper petals

4. Once you are happy with the flower add a bead. Then punch the needle right next to the 1st whole to fasten the bead. 

Knot the end

5. Squeeze the petals together and make a finishing knot.  Then cut the extra string off.


Add tacky glue

6. Place a generous dab of glue over the knot and base petals and glue it on. 

Flower petals

As you can see I placed my flowers very close together for a very full look. I purchased the ribbon of leaves via Amazon and just added the flowers to it. However, if you can not find it you can do the same technique used for the flowers for the leaves as well. Amazon sells leaf punchers as well. 

Flower garland

My flower garland goes around the piano room that I have built. I still need to add some finishing touches to the room and will post that separately. 


You can use this technique to quickly decorate gift wrap. If you order large punches you can even create big flowers and make table decorations with it. 

And finally here is everything in a video ~ Enjoy!



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