Piano Room Miniature

The Piano Room

The Piano room is a diorama that I created as a collectable display for anyone who loves music, musicians, music teachers and students. This little setting with its grand piano and tribute to classical music greatest is just so special.  So let's take a tour and look at some closeup photos before I show you the entire video.

French Country house miniature

I was thinking about how this diorama might be displayed in am music room and decided to give it a French country feel for the outside. The walls are hand cut pumice to create a rough textured exterior. For the exterior I wanted to use different materials that are natural looking and left the wood unfinished to accomplish this. 

Grand piano miniature

Everything in the room is handmade. Keeping with the musical theme, I added Mozart's's bust and a Metronome . There are also images of composers and a "Melody of Life" print on the opposite side. 

Piano Room Interior

I found a hauntingly beautiful piece of music to go with the video and invite you to step in and have a listen. 

You can purchase the piano room here >
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