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The Ultimate Doll's House Book 🌸 Full of lovely Images

As someone new to making miniatures I love it when I find  a good book, like the Ultimate's Doll's House Book that teaches me a bit about the history of miniature dollhouses and is also full of wonderful photos historical furniture and objects of the different eras. It's like time travel, each image gives you a snapshot of domestic life in a different setting. 

miniature sideboard and chair

This 143 page book does a really nice job showing the evolution of dollhouse and miniature making. One of the things that really surprised me are images of dollhouses depicting Japanese, Tibetan  and Guyanese interiors.

tibetan dollhouse

Colorful and whimsical the Tibetan home shows the people and interiors just as a European dollhouse would. Rooms are separated by function and shows people and animals performing daily chores. Here the clothing and hair is painted on the carved figurines.

tibetan miniature house interior

Written by Faith Eaton, who is an internationally renowned collector and conservator of miniature houses and dolls the book is based on first hand knowledge of this interesting past time. 

Nineteenth century dolls

 hat shop

You can find the book via Amazon

Dolls house Miniature book

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