A Tiny French Bedroom -Fisher Price 2005 Mattel Loving Family Grand Mansion Renovation Part 4

I can hardly believe that another room in the chateau is finished. 

Let's take a look at what the room used to look like first before I show you how I have renovated the interior. 

Fisher Price 2005 Mattel Loving Family Grand Mansion Bedroom

After I painted this entire room with several coats of white chalk paint I added the wall paper and worked on creating the wood floor.

bay window in dollhouse

Adding the wallpaper was a bit tricky since there were a lot of bumps and holes that I had to navigate around. I solved this problem by lining up some printer paper with the corners and then using a sharp pencil to trace over all the outlines. The I cut out whatever needed cutting and after dry fitting it several times, finally ended up with a useable template to cut the actual wallpaper with.

Secretary for dollhouse

Then it was time to fill the room up. I made this secretary out of chipboard and painted it with Acrylic paint in an off white. Then I made tiny frames, books, an inkwell, envelopes and a tiny pocket watch and added them to the secretary.

dollhouse secretary

Making a space look lived in is so much fun!

dollhouse chair

The chair was reupholstered - well actually the red seat pad was painted over with - you guessed it - chalk paint. Then I used pink colored pencil and gently went over the seat to get a bit of an uneven pink color. I also cut out some of the left over wall paper and used it for the back. I like to repeat colors and patterns and I think once you see the entire room you will agree that it looks nice.

dollhouse accessories

I think a common go to for filling corners in a room is to add a plant, but I thought why not use a mannequin and display a dress. I made the dress using a mold and paper clay that I then glued to a wire stand. I decided to leave it white so that it stands out against the already busy wallpaper. The angel was resin printed and I will be selling those in my shop soon.

dollhouse sewing machine

Putting together a room can take a long time, especially when you hand make everything yourself. I 3D printed the bed and the nightstands that you will see later and hand painted the finish. Then I made white bedlinen and embellished the pillows with lace. The measuring tape is vintage and belonged to my grandma. When I do a photoshoot I like to include mementos that mean something to me. It keeps those who are dear to my heart always in my mind while I tinker around.

dollhouse bed

I sell the bed and nightstands in my on-line shop. Here I aged them to look as if the gold leaf had been peeling over time. I love the fresh white linen against the old bed frame.

nightstand with jewelry

When I took the photos for the nightstands I put them on a silver baby spoon that belonged to my kids to show exactly how tiny all the item are.

nightstand with candle for dollhouse

I made a tutorial on how to make tiny candles, but it's not ready for upload yet. I will share the tutorial as soon as I have some more free time. The candle can actually be lit up.

dollhouse rug

I did however post a tutorial on how to make rug with fringe here . I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of the renovated Mattel Grand Mansion bedroom.  Now I need to decide which room to tackle next.

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Thank you Sally!

Enzie Shahmiri

So creative and lovely!


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