The French Inspired Garden Decor


There are easy ways to decorate  your garden in a French inspired decor.


17th-century antique acanthus garden urns and pedestals are well represented in European grand gardens. I love how these elements give these spaces a very classical look. I love adding old world elements, often as weathered, faux French limestone replicas to create that old world French estate feel to my own garden. 

Design Toscano has many replicas that remind me of the garden statuary I saw during my trips throughout Europe and I have ordered a thing or two over the years. 

Chateau Elaine Authentic Iron Urn: Large Set of 2 by Design Toscano

Urns make great planters as well.When planting flowers or small trees make sure to make a whole on the bottom for drainage. Then add some pebbles to prevent the roots from rotting.


I spotted this pedestal at a local nursery. Pedestals can add height in the garden and act as an intersting backdrop in a flower bed.  Another great place to look for decorative items for your garden are second hand shops or even Etsy. Look at the shape of the vessel, a coat of paint can always be added to get the color you need. Since decorative elements in a garden always have a weathered look, imperfections are just the thing to have to add to that timeless charm. 

ceramics-display Available via Etsy

Available via Etsy

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