How to Separate Bulbs



No matter where you live you might want to start thinking about Spring planting. Flowering bulbs that were planted in the summer and late fall. might be peeking out of the ground in areas that have warmed up a bit. 

Yellow Tulips Postcard

Yellow Tulips Postcard

Here in California the weather is warm enough that many of my bulbs are starting to send up stalks. To prevent overcrowding in the flower beds it's not a bad idea to look for bulbs that can be separated.

How to separate bulbs

Divide bulbs when the plant is still looking good. Gently dig around the plant to loosen the soil around the bulb. Pull the plant gently out of the soil and get rid of excess soil around the bulb. Then  pry apart any new side growth, taking care not to damage the existing roots. If the side bulbs do not come off by twisting and gentle pulling, use a sharp knife to cut them off. 

Replant your bulbs

Find a new spot for your bulb and dig a hole that is about three times as deep as your bulb is. Cover it gently with fresh potting soil and water it. Easy, peasy!



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